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Orleans Far Infrared Sauna Treatment

(Therapeutic shower available, 3 shower heads including rain dance shower)


Kitcho invested in one of the best infrared sauna available on the market.

It has the benefits of infrared and light therapy at the same time.

Our sauna is the best treatment for all car accident clients (M.V.A).

We’ve had positive results for many cases; details are available at our center.


Infrared Sauna can help these conditions

Sprains, Strains, Arthritis, muscle spasm, pain, fibromyalgia,

chronic inner ear infractions, neuralgia, bursitis, joint stiffness

and many other muscular-skeletal aliments.


Aches and soreness that comes with aging.


Benefits your body's lymphatic system,

helping it to purge toxins, headache, and tissue repair.



Helps your cuts and scars heal more quickly.


Improves the conditions of acne, eczema,

psoriasis, burns and any skin lesions and cuts.


You loose 700 calories per 30 minute,

reduce toxins in body and much more



We are located on Innes Road

in Orleans, Ottawa.


Infrared Sauna Benefits

• Stress Relief

• Pain Relief

• Lower Blood Pressure

• Stronger Immune System

• Weight Loss

• Detoxification

• Skin Purifcation


Sessions available for 30 minutes or 60 minutes for a single client or couples.

You can buy one session or get our card for 5, 10 and 15 session admissions with

our special Kitcho rates. Visit our center for the details and prices.

The far infrared sauna treatment works well in combination with a massage.

This could be a great present for a loved one.


We have gift certificates for sale.