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Every structure of the human body could be mapped on the outer ear — the auricle.

The ear could be compared to an upside-down human fetus;

the head represented by the lower ear lobe, the feet at the top of the ear,

and the rest of the body in-between. This model was first presented in France in 1957,

then spread to Germany, and finally was translated into Chinese.

In 1958 the Chinese adopted this model,

and acknowledged Nogier as the "Father of Auricular Therapy."
















How does Auricular Therapy work?

Auricular therapy is a form a acupressure or acupuncture involving light stimulation either

by pressing the ear with the fingers or by inserting tiny needles into the outer ear at specific points.


It has been theorized that the therapy stimulates nerves that send a signal to the brain which,

in turn, creates the response the therapist is seeking. An auricular therapy session

has no known side effects.


When therapist stimulates the auricular points, it increases serotonin levels via the

vagal nerve according to PubMed. This stimulation can help increase stomach smooth muscle tone,

 which leads to appetite suppression.


According to the American Family Physician study previously mentioned,

frequent stimulation of the auricular points in resulted in a significantly higher mean

weight loss for study subjects compared to control subjects who did not receive

auricular acupuncture.


Auricular therapy is based on western and Chinese theories relating to the ear -

that various points on the surface of ear (auricle) have connection with the central nervous system

and corresponds to different anatomical parts of the body. By identifying these nerve endings

 in the external ear and stimulating them by massage and cauterization,

it is possible to produce therapeutic effects on those parts of the body which are prone to diseases.


This technique is now utilized to produce results in weight loss treatments also.

Auricular medicine originated in China and has since then been developed in Europe to attain

its present state. The treatment consists of analyzing the external ear and treating

problems associated with different parts of the body.


After years of careful observation, Chinese medical professionals have charted more than

200 sites on the ear associated with various diseases. The technique applied in achieving

weight loss with auricular therapy is that it is possible to apply treatment to the brain

 thereby demanding the body to reduce its intake of food, which results in diminished craving.


It is this unique bio-energetic and biomechanical treatment approach with auricular therapy,

which plays a key role in effective weight loss.



The benefit of auricular therapy in treating weight loss is that the treatment has no side-effects

 and most patients experience instant weight loss after few treatments.


Kitcho Chinese Auricular Therapy treatment for Pain and Weight loss