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Healing clients since 1999

Kitcho Massage - Massage Therapy & Treatment Centre


Welcome to Kitcho Massage Massage Therapy &

Acupuncture Center

(Located in Orleans, Ottawa, Ontario)

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Treatments Overview

Reflexology • Acupressure • Thai Massage • Deep Massage • Infrared Sauna • Swedish Massage

Nero Functional Acupuncture • Thai Herb Treatments • Facials [Various Kinds]• Trigger Points Therapy

Chinese Auricular Therapy • Custom Made Kitcho Orthotics • Electrotherapy (Tens, IFC Ultrasound)

Manual Lymphatic Drainage • Detoxification Treatments • Massage (For Couples) • Pregnancy Massage

Chinese Cupping • Chinese Massage • Therapeutic Shower • Spa Services

(Advanced Assessments) (Advanced Treatments)


We specialize in car accidents.

We help in treatment plans for your insurance bill directly (WSIB, RCMP & Veterans affairs).

Kitcho has been healing clients since 1999.


Kitcho hosts a gift basket gift away every month. To enter you must purchase any

gift certificate package. Both you & the receiver of the gift certificate get a free entry.

Good-luck to everybody!


Kitcho therapists are fully qualified to assist you,

feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries.



5 key benefits of Kitcho Treatments

• Fast pain relief

• Balance of nervous system

• Strengthens the immune system

• Faster healing of strained muscles

• Decrease muscle tension & stiffness


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