Kitcho Registered Massage Therapy and Acupuncture Center in Orleans (Innes road)

We offer a large selection of treatments in Ottawa.

Swedish massage, Thai massage, Reflexology, Nero Functional Acupuncture, Thai herb treatments, 8 kinds of facials, Infrared sauna, Acupressure, Trigger points therapy, Deep massage, Chinese Auricular Therapy, Custom made Orthotics, Electrotherapy (Tens, IFC Ultrasound), Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Detoxification Treatments, Couples massages, Pregnancy Massage, Chinese Cupping, Chinese Massage, Advanced assessments, Advanced treatments, Therapeutic shower, Foot clinic, Spa services. On top of that we specialize in car accidents and we help in your treatment plan for your insurance bill directly (WSIB, RCMP and Veterans affairs). At Kitcho, we believe that healing your pain is very important; our RMT’s have been treating clients since 1999 & have over 15 years of experience in over 12 different Eastern & Western massage therapy techniques. The purpose of massage therapy is to prevent, develop, maintain, rehabilitate or augment physical function or relieve pain. Kitcho's massage instructor Dr. Kusai takes a medical approach to finding the root of the problem and solving it efficiently. Not only will it be relaxing and a pleasure, you will feel instant results. WE BELIEVE IN NATURAL AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE. WE SIMPLY GIVE RESULTS.

Buy any of our gift certificate packages & both your name and the receiver of the certificate will have a chance at our monthly gift basket. Feel free to contact us with no obligation to see if we can help you improve the quality of your life through massage therapy & our other wellness services. Our therapists are fully qualified to assist you, see links below :

RMTs Wanted

If you are a Registered Massage Therapist looking for employment, feel free to call us today for more details on joining our team. Ask for Dr. Kusai

The Kitcho Center doesn't only do massage treatments but also does massage teaching, for more details please visit

Leader in our Community

The name Kitcho refers to Dr. Kusai Abidin, our senior registered massage therapist (RMT) / Oriental massage instructor. Over 13 years of experience in massage therapy and taught Thai massage in 4 different countries. He is presently involved in massage training though his International Training Thai Masssage Institute in Ottawa, Hull, Gatineau, Montreal and other parts of the world. Visit his website to learn more about the benefits of thai massage and its history at Ottawa Thai Massage.

5 Key Benefits

  • 1. Fast relief of pain
  • 2. Balances the nervous system
  • 3. Decrease muscle tension & stiffness
  • 4. Faster healing of strained muscles
  • 5. Strengthens the immune system
  • Ontario Registered Massage Therapist